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Secure and Trustworthy Transactions: Aadhar-Based Signatures with DOQFY.

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With the growing demand for digital transactions, secure and trustworthy systems have become an essential requirement. In recent times, Aadhar-based signatures have emerged as an innovative and reliable way to complete electronic transactions. Aadhar is the world’s largest biometric database with over 1.2 billion records, making it the most authentic way of verifying the identity of individuals. Along with Aadhar, DOQFY’s Aadhar-based esign has brought a significant transformation in the world of electronic signatures.

What is Aadhar-based esign?

In simple words, Aadhar-based esigns refer to electronic signatures that are verified using the Aadhar card’s details. It means that a user’s Aadhar information is used to authenticate the transaction. Once the verification is complete, the user can electronically sign any document, including contracts, agreements, or any other official papers. Aadhar-based esigns save time, reduce paperwork, and are more secure than traditional signatures.

Are Adhar-based e-signatures legal? 

One of the biggest questions regarding Aadhar-based esigns is their legality. The Government of India recognizes the Aadhar-based signature as a valid form of electronic signature, as per the IT Act of 2000. The Aadhar-based signature is accepted for various purposes like opening bank accounts, filing income tax returns, and signing digital contracts. This means that Aadhar-based esigns are legal, reliable, and are acceptable by government agencies and regulatory authorities.

DOQFY, an e-signature solution provider, has integrated Aadhar-based esign into its system, making it easier for businesses to transact in a secure and reliable way. Here are five benefits of using DOQFY’s Aadhar-based esign:

1. Quick and convenient:

With DOQFY’s Aadhar-based esign, transactions are completed quickly and without the need for any physical presence. The platform also offers quick and hassle-free integration with existing software or applications, which makes it the perfect choice for businesses and organizations.

2. Safe and secure:

DOQFY’s platform is highly secure and encrypted, making sure that all transactions remain confidential and secure. It provides the highest level of verification and authentication, which ensures the authenticity of all documents signed using the platform. It verifies the identity of the signee using Aadhaar-based authentication, and this is confirmed by the signee’s biometric data.

3. Cost-effective:

DOQFY’s Aadhar-based e-signature platform is cost-effective and saves time. You can sign multiple documents online at once, which reduces the cost of printing, scanning, and physically signing paper documents. It also eliminates the need to travel or schedule meetings just to sign documents, saving you valuable time.

4. Legal Compliance:

DOQFY’s Aadhar-based esigns are legally compliant, meaning that they can be used in any legal proceedings.

5. Versatility:

DOQFY’s platform can be integrated with other third-party applications and platforms, providing an easy and hassle-free experience.

In conclusion, DOQFY’s Aadhar-based esign platform is one of the most secure and trustworthy platforms available. It is an excellent solution for businesses looking to streamline their transactions while maintaining the highest levels of security. As Aadhar-based signatures gain wider acceptance and become more popular, DOQFY’s platform is an excellent choice for anyone looking to make secure and trustworthy transactions.

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