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Save Time and Space by e-Documents

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Business owners must devise fresh strategies to draw in new clients and streamline operations as more businesses go digital.

For this reason, many businesses are using eSignature solution offered by DOQFY. With the use of these solutions, firms can automate document workflows and collect enforceable signatures in a matter of minutes rather than hours. This translates to time and money savings as well as improved customer relations. In addition to being completely compliant and created for today’s remote worker, DOQFY is an appealing option for many organisations.

Here are few ways DOQFY can save you time and money:

1. Speed up deals

It takes a lot of time to print, sign, and scan paper documents the old-fashioned way. Additionally, it may cause delays, which can even result in the termination of a significant transaction. Any organisation could face disaster as a result of this. You can sign contracts from anywhere at any time with eSignature systems like DOQFY, allowing you to accomplish more transactions and shorten your sales cycle. Even when speaking with a sales representative on the phone, you can sign agreements. Your average signing time can be reduced by up to two weeks to just five minutes by using DOQFY. Additionally, your close rates will increase by almost 5%.

2. Reduce printing expenses

Every dollar you spend on printing can be put toward more beneficial projects. You can share documents online rather than printing large amounts of paper and filing them away for later use. You’ll save up space and avoid incurring significant maintenance fees for your printers. Additionally, you’ll give your staff a break. Did you know that it might take an average employee up to 20 minutes to print a document? It can take up to 10 minutes every transaction to complete an electronic signature through email or fax, and it’s hard to keep track of. It can take up to three hours per transaction to obtain a signature in person.

3.Increase group cooperation

Any organisation benefits from teamwork. You can use DOQFY for certain organisational divisions, such as HR, legal, or sales. Alternately, you can establish distinct DOQFY accounts with participants from other departments. Team members can generate their own legally binding signatures, store and distribute documents securely, and open and update documents online from any location. It will save time and prevent confusion if everyone is on board.

4. Avert costly mistakes.

Let’s be honest. When working with numerous documents, mistakes are simple to make. People frequently sign on the wrong page or in the wrong spot, and these mistakes must be fixed. For personnel to check documents for errors, the average cost is $1.83 per document. This cost decreases significantly while using DOQFY. The cost of labour and supplies to replace signatures ranges from $4 to $24 per document. Your typical cost is greatly reduced when you use an eSignature system like DOQFY. The math is spot-on.

5. Monitor your files.

Did you know that a typical employee would spend roughly 38 hours a year looking for misplaced paperwork? That’s nearly a week’s worth of labour! The average hourly wage in the US is roughly $22.01, so it works out to a loss of $836 per employee per year. In other terms, it might take more than 25 hours and $500 to replace each document that your business loses. You can quickly locate your electronic documents using DOQFY’s tracking tool.

There is no question that eSignature tools like DOQFY may lower costs and boost income for your company, it will also keep your documents safe and secure.

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