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Link For How To Get Stamping And Franking Done With Doqfy


The government of India has begun e-stamping to undertake to counterfeit and secure the mortgage of stamp duty more comfortably and glitch-free. In fact, in several states, for example, Delhi, here all the stamp duty requires to be paid by e-stamping.

Our Union Government has designated the Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL) as the Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) for all e-stamps practiced in the nation.

Currently, SHCIL is accountable for everything from user enrollment to management, all e-stamping attention and preservation of records. SHCIL has also selected authorized group centers, or ACCs-scheduled banks-that will dispense certificates to users.


If one has to use franking, you have to present a request at an approved bank or a franking agency. The paper for which stamp duty is to be spent is published on clear paper (before the parties sign it) and a stamp is attached to the document designating the usefulness of the stamp duty advanced.

The major advantage is that it is quick, particularly if the return is made in cash or using a demand draft.

If one requires to know the thorough process of Stamping as well as Franking, Doqfy is the assistance you need. All-round methods are combined within the company. The right web-based administration which can be utilized to handle stamp duties. The business has tied up with the corporations of the country, some are solely the fundamental recordkeeping firm to sell and control e-stamping & franking. The plan was to possess a tamper-proof manner of forming secure stamp documents.

The subsequent steps are needed for the return:

  1. Start with dropping in the select counter and start filling the directed form
  2. Follow further by adjusting the duty maybe through Cash/DD/Cheque. Any of these can be used without any chances of an error
  3. Now, you need to instantly assemble the duty advanced certification.
  4. Lastly, register the paper at the sub-registrar agency

E-Stamp Document and Franking Papers are needed for the following: HR, Administration, Procurement Department, New Joiners, any new agreement, Renewal of the old agreement, Legal agreements with Suppliers, Employees going abroad and for several other such cases.

The benefits received under the brand :

Obtaining the E-Stamp document and Franking is a difficult, laborious at the same time-consuming task. For E stamp paper, one has to go to Stock Holding Corporation, fill up a long-form, survive in the queue for hours. Even for the process of franking ones again the process has to be repeated, one has to go to the sub-registers agency, take into consideration his availability and then get the paper signed. For all those to be done, MNC’s will need dedicated support.

Doqfy thoroughly contributes to Multinational Corporations with E-Stamping and Franking duties. For E-Stamping papers, the customers email us the features and the e-stamp document is presented at their office. For Franking all the necessary papers, we pick up the papers, get it franked, through the complete procedure and then present at the concerned agency. The advantages involve quick work with effectiveness and efficiency which is around 24 hours to 72 hours.

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