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Legaltech- Element & Growth after 2022 ?

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India’s legal sector has historically been a stronghold of conventional business practices. Over the past ten years, nevertheless, it has emerged as a hub of intense activity. During the pandemic years, the legal sector’s interest in technology dramatically increased due to a number of issues. Stakeholders and specialists had already begun to consider its breadth and necessary revisions in the pre-pandemic era, whereas the pandemic only accelerated its implementation.

The present trajectory of Legaltech development in India is rising across many areas. The provision of legal services, compliance laws, reporting requirements, matter management, and other areas are changing. With the advent of virtual or e-courts, this digitization of work has now reached even the courts.

Additionally, operations in the legal industry are now being automated, including case updates, legal research, enterprise solutions like contract and litigation management, compliance / entity management suites for online dispute resolution, electronic signatures, and more. The start-up ecosystem in India, which is expanding fast, especially with the emergence of start-up incubators targeted towards the Legaltech industry, has been the primary driver of the majority of these advances.

Contract management has recently come under more attention in the tech industry. We anticipate that this trend will remain prominent and be complemented by a growing emphasis on Enterprise Legal Management. In order to uncover unequalled value, this would link all legal functions with the wider company systems. Additionally, it’s anticipated that these developments will be accompanied by growing acceptance of the following:

Automation & Review of Documents.

Now say goodbye to long hours of document reviewing because Legal tech has enabled automated document capture, analysis, and storage.


The acceptance rate of electronic signatures has soared thanks to the new hybrid work paradigm. In the upcoming years, we anticipate this to become universal.

Litigation Control

With the portfolio of corporate litigation increasing, another growing trend—the centralization of all corporate legal concerns and cases—is expected to become necessary.

Management of Entities and Compliance

According to projections, this market will expand quickly and in line with the aforementioned regulatory changes.

Legal investigation

Automation and assisted search for court decisions, attorney briefs, and other materials will also become common.

Blockchain and AI/ML

Due to their strong features, smart contracts might experience this year as their apex. The trend will continue with AI/ML, with more and more applications in a variety of fields like document evaluation, reporting, customization, and so forth.

Internet safety

With a considerable demand in the sector for strong security in their SaaS installations, developments in cybersecurity are anticipated to intensify.

The Development of Legal Tech

At a significant percentage from 2022 to 2028, the size of the worldwide legal technology market is anticipated to increase by 2028.

These enormous changes will start to become apparent not just in 2022–2023, but also in the upcoming years. By identifying enablers and altering customer expectations, the entire ecosystem will be redesigned. The general trend is toward the enterprise-scale integration of stakeholders, processes, and technology. In other words, the time for Indian Legaltech Stakeholders and platforms like DOQFY is now. 

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