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How To E-verify Your Income Tax Return?

The final step in filling the income tax return i.e. ITR is to verify or mostly e-verify it. If you fail to verify your return, it is considered invalid according to the income tax laws.

 Once you have uploaded your ITR on the e-filing website, everyone gets almost a time lag of 120 days to verify the income tax return. There are various ways to verify your income tax return. Amongst these, five are electronic methods that are easy to file and do not demand to go anywhere. These ways can be used only if you are filing tax returns that are not required to be audited. However, ‘Digital Signature Certificate’ is required if you are filing your tax returns which are required to be audited.

·        Via Aadhaar-based OTP

Aadhaar-based one-time password (OTP) can be verified using your ITR, your Aadhaar should be linked with your mobile number and registered as such in the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) database and your PAN must be linked with Aadhaar.

 Go to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘e-verify return’ further select the option, ‘I would like to generate Aadhaar OTP to e-verify my return.’ A 6 digit OTP will appear in the form of SMS, it will be sent to your registered mobile number.

 You must enter the received OTP in the box where it is required and click on submit. On successful submission, your ITR will be verified. You must not forget that the Otp received for Aadhaar is valid only for not more than 30 minutes.

 If you do not have a linked mobile number with your Aadhaar, then there are different other ways to electronically verify your ITR.

·        Generating EVC via Net-banking

With the Net banking facility of your bank account, you can verify your ITR if you have availed it. You must remember that only selected banks allow you to electronic verify your ITR. Check out the list of banks, you might prefer. Also, before logging in to your bank account, you must ensure that you are not already logged in, on the e-filing website. Your PAN must also be registered with the bank, without any faults.

 Using the Internet banking facility for the verification, start with logging in to your bank account on the website of the bank. Select the e-verify option which is always under the ‘Tax’ tab. You will then be redirected to the e-filing website of the department of income tax.

 Further, click on the ‘My Account’ tab and then select the ‘Generate EVC’ option. A 10-digit alpha-numeric code will be sent to your email id and mobile number. Please note that this code is valid for 72 hours. Now, follow the ‘e-verify’ option under the ‘My Account’ tab to verify your income tax return. Now you need to select the option ‘I have EVC already’.

 Enter the OTP that you have got on the registered mobile number associated with the bank. The final step is to click on ‘Submit’ and your ITR will be verified.

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