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How to bulk send and sign standardised documents with E – signature

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A business requirement nowadays is the capacity to approve agreements at any time, using any device, from anywhere in the globe. Because of this, almost every contemporary business makes use of the efficiency and accessibility that electronic signature technology provides in order to save time, money, and avoid errors at the crucial, concluding phase of the document management process.

E-signature is a useful tool for managing processes, but what if you want to send a standardized document to several recipients at once? E-signature technology also provides an effective and safe means to distribute and sign standard documents in mass for situations when a formal acknowledgment is required by a big group of individuals (new corporate policies, contract revisions, etc.).

How does Bulk Send work?

Bulk Send enables businesses to quickly distribute standardised documents to several recipients, saving time, money, and significantly enhancing customer satisfaction. 

This is how it goes:

1.Create a template.

The initial step of the process, like with any agreement process, is to prepare your document. Using pre-existing templates, create a document for bulk sending, or modify a template to your precise requirements.

2. Select a technique for authentication.

End-user authentication is a requirement for all signees when using e-signature technology, giving users an additional layer of protection. On sensitive agreements, add an access code, SMS, ID check, or KBA authentication parameter to ensure that each signatory is who they claim to be.

3. Select required fields.

The originator can add envelope custom fields (ECFs) to the document after establishing a template for bulk sending, and can even decide whether fields are essential or optional. ECFs can be selections from a list of probable values or free text entries. ECFs enable you to classify, record, and track information by allowing you to store metadata in your envelopes that is hidden from the signer.

4. Gather recipient information.

An electronic signature solution with bulk transmit features makes the process incredibly simple, even for papers with thousands of recipients.

Create a CSV with columns that are already filled with the necessary data and input recipient information from other files.

5. Run a test.

You can test your template and message before sending to ensure that the appearance and functioning of your agreement are accurate, just like you would for any sizable email campaign.

6. Send.

Press “send” and take a seat as your documents are delivered to the people on your recipient list.

7. Keep track of completions and receipts.

Track form opens, completions, and receiver signatures to manage the receipt of your paperwork. Any signatory or party who has not completed an agreement’s necessary steps should be reminded. Administrators can quickly set up rules in Agreement Actions to automate typical post-signature tasks. This includes the capability to launch workflows in CLM and automatically archive finished documents to a cloud storage provider and export data to Google Sheets.

8. Obtain signed paperwork.

Bulk send gives you easy access to completed documents and serves as a convenient tool for managing and compiling finished papers in a single spot.

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