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How Digital Transformation Makes Working From Home Work Easier?

The pandemic forced the whole world out of their offices. People had to leave their office life and make a shift to remote working or working from home all over the world. Initially, it was quite difficult to get things done while working from home. Many professionals and a wide fraction of the working population did not even have the proper resources and tools to make working from home possible.

A lot of such individuals lost their jobs or had to switch their professions in order to earn a livelihood in difficult times. It has been two years since the pandemic hit us and our working lives have completely changed ever since. Many offices have switched to remote work or working from the home model and many offices and organisations in different parts of the world are still reluctantly working remotely due to their situations.

Working from home was made possible due to the positive spirit of the working class along with the digital tools and software developed for the workplace by various software giants and brands. Digital transformation has been majorly responsible for making it possible for us to work from home without any failure. 

A lot of employees were open to learning and making a switch to digital transformation in order to stay employed. Various digital tools have been used by various employees and employers to make working from home a seamless and efficient affair. Here’s how digital transformation makes it possible to work remotely by providing various tools and software.

Digital Transformation and Work from Home

Businesses and professionals can work from home with the help of various video conferencing and business process automation tools that use cloud servers and digital technology to look over various business processes and day-to-day activities. But the major problem for businesses in working from home is the process of contract management. 

Businesses and professionals create and rotate hundreds of contracts on an everyday basis. These businesses were affected badly during the pandemic but the various contract management tools and software helps them in dealing with this roadblock. 


Businesses and professionals need to sign contracts and legal documents every day. The e-signature feature has enabled these businesses to make a shift to digital platforms and to sign contracts and legal documents digitally in order to make the business operations smooth and seamless. 

Contract Management

Businesses need to develop or create contracts every day and these contracts complete the contract lifecycle to become valid and legal. Various contract management software allows businesses to create contracts and legal documents. In addition to this, businesses can use contract automation to enhance the overall process of creating and validating legal documents effortlessly and seamlessly. 

Contracts and legal documentation are crucial for almost every business. Digital transformation allows businesses to streamline their contract management with software and make the complete process digital and remotely possible. At Doqfy we have assisted many businesses to make the digital shift while working from home. Our platform provides contract management, e-signature and even e-stamping services for businesses, professionals and even individuals.

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