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eStamping in India is a quick & secure way to pay stamp duty online . It is in operation in most states and union territories . The eStamp certificate which is generated will have a unique identification number which is tamper proof. Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL) is the Central Record Keeping Agency for eStamping

Franking is the physical stamping of documents. The process involves marking or stamping to show that the stamp duty has been paid and documents are legal.

Stamp duty is tax that you pay to show that the documents are official and legal while franking is the physical marking on the documents that indicates any charges or taxes, such as the stamp duty on your documents has been paid. In Franking, we have to first prepare the documents. These documents are then taken to a Bank or a franking centre. Once the stamp duty is paid, the centre will mark the documents to indicate that the stamp duty has been paid. This process is called franking. The said documents need to be signed after franking them. Alternately, one can also buy printed stamp papers. These are documents that have already undergone the process of franking. The payable stamp duty is included in the cost of the papers. Hence, these documents are ready to be just signed and registered. They make the process quite easy but can only be used in certain situations. do you want this to be included???
Aadhaar eSign is an electronic signature service in India to allow an Aadhaar card holder to digitally sign a document. An Indian citizen can eSign a document online without being physically present if they have an Aadhar card and a mobile number registered with Aadhaar
Stamp duty is a type of tax paid to register your document as an agreement between two or more parties with the registrar. The amount depends on the type of document or it is a percentage of the value of the agreement.

Digital signature is the digital format of your signature which can be saved    in a safe place and used to sign documents online.

Stamp duty is a must for all property related transactions. Home buyers / sellers are required to pay stamp duty when registering the sale agreement.

e-Stamping is a convenient way to pay stamp duty. e-Stamp certificate can be generated within a few minutes, it generates a Unique Identification number and is tamper proof.

You can open the SHCIL website , click on “Verify e-Stamp certificate” and fill in the required details like unique identification number and verify.