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Save a substantial amount of time with Bulk Signing

Most businesses produce nearly thousands of documents in one day. Some need no sign. Some need one sign. Some need a couple of signs. In such situations, bulk signing comes very handily.

Bulk Signing is an automated signing solution that runs on the server to sign pdf documents online without any user intervention. With this solution, thousands of documents can be automatically signed regularly and that too in a matter of minutes. 

Bulk signing is the need of the hour as there is a lot of time being wasted on getting employees and officials to sign things. There are companies that spend almost 65% of their daily working hours signing things with papers and pens. This can be easily curbed with the help of bulk signing. Other than being extremely time-saving, bulk signing has a whole plethora of benefits. 

  1. Supports simultaneous and multiple signatures 

In time-sensitive projects, there cannot be time wasted on a piece of paper being passed around. In such cases, revisions and deadlines can be delayed. For this reason, bulk signing is extremely helpful. More than one person can have access to a single piece of document and sign simultaneously. 

  1. Supports multiple formats 

There is no compulsion that customers and clients will have the same format as you. Format misalignment occurs very often in such deals. If done on a hard copy, it is cumbersome to reverse. In such situations, bulk signing can be done very easily and modified according to requirements easily. 

  1. Signing Time 

A very common dispute is the time of signing. When done with pen and paper this can take hours to verify. Yet another source of wastage of time. If bulk signing is adopted, each signature’s time is recorded and made unchangeable. This way HR does not need to spend time settling a silly dispute. 

  1. Cost Reduction 

When you think about it, there are many costs that go into making a document. Printing charges, transportation costs, mailing charges, delivery charges, and so many more. All these costs can be curbed by adopting a simple bulk signing software. 

Along with other stellar services like e-stamping, franking, agreements, contracts, Doqfy offers a terrific e-signing service that enables bulk signing for businesses of all scales. Start-up or MNC, Doqfy has a team of well-qualified employees that will be at your beck and call at all times of the week. Doqfy is the one-stop shop for all your legal aids. 

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