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How the use of E-signatures can transform your business

Business models are rapidly changing by the minute. The pursuit for efficiency is constant. The latest technology is the e-signature. 

What is an e-signature?

Although an e-signature has several meanings, it is basically an electronic form of data used to execute signatures on electronic records or documents. An e-signature validates a document in the same way as a physical signature. It is as legally binding as a pen signature. 

There are many reasons to adopt this latest technology.It has benefitted many companies. Especially during the work-from-home era. 

E-Signatures are convenient and save time 

The most important and significant benefit of e-signatures is it is a major time saver. Documents can be turned around in the matter of minutes. For example, in one scenario, a document being sent by mail, signed by the relevant authorities, and finally sent back. This takes much more time than an email sent and then signed online. There is no need for printing and sending and many manual time taking processes. You can even process urgent documents within seconds. Not only does switching to e-signature software save your business time, but by not having to print and mail documents, it allows for much greater convenience, as digital documents can be signed anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

E-Signatures reduce costs 

E-Signatures saves a lot of menial costs such as printer charges, printing ink, mailing charges, delivery charges etc. With the help of e-signatures all these costs are cut short. All that is needed is a good system for encrypting the e-signature, an email service, and a working computer with an internet connection. All manual and repetitive tasks are automated and reduce the amount of costs. 

E-Signatures save space 

You may not think of saving space as being a huge advantage to your business, but it is about time you did. With the help of e-signatures and Doqfy’s e-locker, a lot of space is saved. Since the beginning of cloud computing, e-signatures are complementary to the functioning of a computer. Since there isn’t a complicated archives room with a ton of physical paperwork, e-signature saves a ton of space. 

E-Signatures minimize risks 

If your business is dealing with sensitive information, it is crucial you ensure it is as secure as possible. By using e-signature software, your documents are in safe hands. That is because the software uses robust encryption algorithms so that no third parties can access documents without consent.

With the help of Doqfy’s terrific encryption software, all your e-signatures are safe and secure. Paired with the other legal services provided by Doqfy, you have yourself the best of what 2021 technology has to offer. Doqfy’s 24/7 customer service team aids you through the entire process and makes every moment as smooth as possible. 

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