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Everything you need to know about drafting an Online Will

The only thing certain in life is uncertainty. One day you are living king sized and the next day it is taken away from you. This is quite a scary thought to deal with on a daily basis. There is a lot of pressure on a breadwinner in a family. They have to ensure their family is taken care of in case of worst case scenarios. This is where a will comes into the picture. A will is a legal declaration of a person on a document regarding the distribution of his assets after their death. Now that things have gone online, it is possible for everyone to draft wills online. Now there are certain things that should be known before drafting a will online. Let us answer some FAQs.

What is needed in a will? 

The listed bellow things are what is needed from a will:

  1. The intention of a testator must take effect after the testator’s demise.
  2. A will is a legal declaration 
  3. The declaration must have a manner of disposal of property 
  4. When alive, the testator can alter the will

Who can make a will? 

Under Section 59 of the Indian Succession Act, 1925, a person making the will must be of the right age and sound mind. A person making a will must not be in a state of intoxication or mental illness. 

What are the elements in a will?

  1. Details of the testator: Name, age, address, and all other essential details which will help identify a testator.
  2. Declaration: This is a document that declares that the testator is of sound mind during the drafting of the will.
  3. Details of the beneficiary: All details that will give the executor enough information to identify who the beneficiary is.
  4. Executor of the will: The will must declare who the executor of the will is. 
  5. Details of property and assets: This is a list of all the details of all the properties and assets to be distributed. 
  6. Division of share: This is an element which divides the assets between the beneficiaries. 
  7. Specific Directions: This is an element that has any specifications. 
  8. Witness: The information of the witness is not needed. They are needed to verify whether the testator was involved in the signing of the will.

Step Wise Procedure of making a will

  1. All the above requirements need to be met. 
  2. A will can be drawn by either a testator with or without the help of a lawyer. 
  3. A will is executed by ensuring the signature of the testator in the presence of 2 witnesses and their signatures as well.
  4. The will must be registered and stamped as it helps in proper execution.

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