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Drafting Online Legal Documents Has Never Been So Easy!

WHO and most governments have made it very clear that by sanitising and maintaining social distance, COVID-19 can be abolished very soon. While everyone has a hard time doing this, the government’s rules were explicit for most companies and businesses. During the pandemic, all companies had to go online. Law firms were able to seize this opportunity to become more adaptable to the work from home situation. Companies are now able to draft legal documents online really fast. 

From forming concepts to proofreading, everything can be done online now. For example, if someone wants to draft a rental agreement online. The clients and service providers can together have a video call conference to get the specifics right. If needed, the call can be recorded as well for future references. There are document preparing tools that are readily available online. Sharing these files online is extremely easy. Access can be granted as easily as it can be taken. For this reason, security is not compromised slightly. During proofreading, some tools can check the grammar and sentence formation to make sure there are no discrepancies. Once drafted, these documents can be shared online in any format. The same rental agreement can be e-signed and sent to the landlord as well. 

Along with being easily understandable, there is a whole world of benefits to online legal documentation. It cuts down on processing time. Since the process is done online, it gets made much faster. From creation to delivery, everything is made faster. It is extremely secure as well. There are many firewalls and levels of encryption that make sure the online documents are stored as securely as possible. It is compatible with all software and has a standard across all companies. The versatility of online tools cannot be beaten by offline tools. These are just some of the reasons that drafting online legal documents is the future for all law firms. 

Drafting online legal documents has never been this easy. Doqfy has a portfolio of tools that make the process of drafting an online document as smooth and efficient as possible. Doqfy provides its services at an individual level and business level.  From e-stamping to online archiving, everything can be done online with the guidance of Doqfy personnel. Doqfy has some of the most well-trained personnel at your beck and calls 24/7. 

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