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Look for your agreement template, edit, attest, e-stamp and print in no time.

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Generate documents in minutes.


Catalogue of over 1200 legally curated customisable document templates

Secure storage

Encrypted Storage to keep documents safe and tamper-free

Anywhere anytime

Order and receive documents from the comfort of your home

Our products are designed to save time and money

Digital signature is an easy and secure way to authenticate your documents

  • Sign documents from any location
  • Save and retain signature for long term use
  • Be free of paper

Digital stamping to speed up your documentation process.

  • Convenient way to pay stamp duty for your legal documents
  • Easy verification of stamped documents using the unique identification number
  • Time saving and tamper proof way to stamp documents

Physical stamping of documents by notary public

  • Option to order online using DOQFY platform or contact our team for assistance

What our clients say

We are one of the leading service delivery organisations and were pleasantly surprised with the delivery speed and the quality from the team at DOQFY.



Leading Services Company

We have worked with the DOQFY team and realised that some of our most routine legal ancillary tasks can be made convenient. The transparency and service delivery scores very high. We are extremely satisfied with DOQFY and would highly recommend them.



Leading Delivery Company

DOQFY started their services as a pilot activity and within a week we were convinced that they were the right partners for us to work with.Their technology platform provides us insight into our consumption pattern and allows us to have clear visibility on the SLA and TAT commitments. We are very very happy with the DOQFY team.



Leading Mobile Phone Manufacturer

Easy access to documentation services on demand and on-time.They have provided my agreement well in advance than the committed delivery time.


Veda Vardhini

Leading Real Estate Developer


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