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5 Benefits of Online Legal Documentation

Legal documentation means an agreement that is signed by two parties for whom the document is made. Legal document dealings are done in court, and hence without the signatures, it will not be valid. We used these documentations for many purposes, and the list never ends. If you are also tired of all the paperwork and keeping them safe, then Doqfy is the solution to all your problems. If you are wondering, why use online services, then we bring to you not just one but five answers. Let’s have a look.


You can secure anything with a password and multiple-step authentication on the web. Technology has become much advanced but also knows how to protect the information. Doqfy provides a trusted network and privacy policy for all its users for providing legal documentation services online. The best part is that the documents cannot be manipulated or accessed by anyone other than the authorized person.

Easy to Access: 

Documentation is a tedious task, and handling documents is much more difficult. You have to keep files safe and require a lot of space. If we talk about offices where data is collected, there are large rooms for storing legal documents or other files. Thankfully, we have online portals available which require computer storage and can be accessed even while sitting in a cafe and sipping hot coffee.

There are some times when people are residing in another city and, to get one document, they either have to travel or courier the document. With easy accessibility, don’t you think that you will be able to share the documents trouble-free?


We always say that productivity increases when machines do the work and less human labor is required. Let us see an example. The people who work in the documentation department have to manage the files manually. They do the documentation for every single person. Then they have to manage the storage place that again contains different departments. If you ask to search a particular file, then it requires time and energy. If these tasks can be done in just one click, the productivity will be around five times the actual. This is just an approximation, while according to Epson, productivity is increased by 45% and gives you 52% error-free results.


Online documentation is like hitting two birds from a stone. You can get all the work done, plus this is an eco-friendly method. Imagine the amount of paper saved with documenting all the important stuff online. According to an article in Record Nations, an office worker uses 10,000 sheets in one year, and 45% of the paper printed ends up in the trash. Going online and paperless will be a better idea for the environment.

Save Money:

Papermaking from trees, writing on them with a pen (made of plastics and metal), or printing the document are some basic procedures that are involved in documentation. Even after all this, we have seen that these papers end up in a waste of a large storage room. Saving money and saving time go hand in hand. The choice is yours. 

Doqfy provides all the online documentation services along with 1200 customized templates. We provide a legally compliant, secure, and robust platform for any business, individual, or professional. Contact us for e-stamping, franking, notarization, encumbrance certificate, affidavits, and agreements. You can find more on our website https://doqfy.in/ 

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