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10 Signs your business needs a document management platform

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Document management solutions are not all made equal. There are many solutions available on the market that are intended to assist enterprises in managing their information, but it can be challenging to determine which are best for businesses. As a result, businesses can end up with document management systems that don’t fully meet their requirements.

Here are several signs that your document management system needs to be replaced:

1. Extensive Manual work is required:

It is not necessary to spend hours on end managing documents. It’s probably time to look at alternatives if your software doesn’t offer a level of automation that substantially decreases or eliminates the amount of manual sorting, data entering, and exceptions processing.

2. Classification is not efficient:

Businesses are drawn to document management technologies that offer scanning or capturing capabilities and promise automatic classification because they believe that doing so will eliminate the need to pre-sort documents. Therefore, if your software averages low rates of document recognition, you need to find a better solution.

3. Fewer or outdated accessibility options:

There are two aspects to this point. One is that the appropriate personnel must have quick access to the necessary information without having to go through any hoops. The system’s security must be able to prevent information from falling into the wrong hands, which is the other need. Secure user roles, which grant access to particular items depending on permission settings, are the best approach to ensure that both of these are taken care of.

4. Not user-friendly: 

A solution is useless unless your organisation takes advantage of it. If this isn’t taking place in your organisation, you need to determine whether the lack of adoption is a result of the product being too complicated to use, out-of-date, or ineffective. If so, start seeking for a better solution.

5. Lack of Search function:

Search is an essential element of document management. A document repository with quick, simple searches for the data you require should be part of your document management solution, along with a document capture application that converts scanned images into searchable documents.

6. Scaling is either challenging or incredibly expensive:

Businesses occasionally buy solutions tailored to a particular division or problem area. When there is a clear issue that needs to be resolved within a company, this is understandable. When a company is ready to implement the solution across the entire organisation, problems can occur since the software does not support such a transformation. The solution may have served its initial function, but it’s time to make a modification that will help the business as a whole.

7. Incompatibility with other applications:

In the modern world, standalone applications are ineffective. To maximise the return on their investments, businesses must be able to utilise their current assets. Database integration should be supported by both your management solution and ECM system.

8. Regulations are not being followed:

A document management system is necessary to keep you in compliance. It’s time to look for another solution if yours doesn’t offer the necessary regulatory criteria for compliance.

9. It does not offer workflow or business process automation.

If your current solution isn’t helping your business become more efficient and streamline processes, you should think about looking for one that will.

10. Not secure or safe:

A risk that firms cannot afford to ignore is data loss. Making sure that files are adequately backed up makes sense. Maintain hardware to prevent disc corruption events. If your solution doesn’t utilise protection tools to lessen the impact of viruses and ransomware assaults, it’s time to get a new one.

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